Anthony Partridge, Ph.D.

Vice President, Head of Biology and Pharmacology

Portrait of Anthony Partridge

Anthony Partridge has over 15 years of industry-based drug discovery experience. He joined Roivant from MSD’s Translational Medicine Research Centre (TMRC) in Singapore, where he was principal scientist/senior principal scientist. 

There, he initiated and led multiple innovation programs focusing on addressing historically intractable oncology targets using new modalities, including targeted protein degradation, mRNA and macrocyclic peptides. As senior director of biology at Pharmaron Beijing, Anthony led a team dedicated to assay development, lead optimization screening and built a state-of-the-art compound management facility. Prior to Pharmaron, he spent several years at Merck, first as a senior scientist in Montreal where he established biophysics capabilities and led projects in the areas of HTS assay design, hit triage, lead identification and lead optimization, and then as in vitro pharmacology capability lead. In particular, Anthony helped pioneer collaborative efforts with CRO partners in China focusing on assay development and screening for lead optimization campaigns. Anthony started his career at Élan Pharmaceuticals, where he established academic collaborations for target validation, led protein purification and characterization efforts and led a small molecule hit identification program. He has authored over thirty peer-reviewed scientific publications in high impact journals.

Anthony earned a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry from the University of Guelph in Guelph, Canada, a doctor of philosophy degree in biochemistry from the University of Toronto in Toronto, followed by post-doctoral training at Scripps Research and the University of California San Diego.