Laboratory Manager

Location: Roivant Discovery 451 D Street, Boston, MA 02210 USA

At Roivant, we are passionate about discovering and developing new drugs to impact patients’ lives. Since its inception in 2014, Roivant has launched over 20 portfolio companies (Vants), overseen 5 successful IPOs, established a $3B partnership with a global pharma, built a pipeline of over 40 assets across various modalities and therapeutic areas, and delivered 8 successful phase 3 readouts. Roivant is currently building new capabilities in drug discovery and expanding its existing development engine to become the world’s leading tech-enabled pharmaceutical company.  

Roivant’s drug discovery capabilities are driven by our computational discovery platform, which combines preeminent physics-based tools with deep expertise in machine learning to generate unprecedented predictive power that can tackle previously intractable discovery challenges. The tight integration of this computational platform with our experimental capabilities enables the rapid design and optimization of new drugs to address a wide range of targets for diseases with high unmet need. 

We believe that the future of drug discovery lies in integrating predictive sciences, biology and medicinal chemistry to accelerate the path to new medicines. This role is an opportunity to be an architect of this paradigm shift and generate transformative benefit for patients. 

The Laboratory Manager will use their exceptional organizational skills to maintain our 10,000sqft Laboratory Facility and support all research activities. He/she will have experience in the following areas: maintenance of laboratory equipment using service contracts; lab supply and vendor management; organization of repositories and inventories; and coordinating receipt and disposal of hazardous materials (gas, biohazard waste, etc.) according to EH&S guidelines. The role will involve close interactions with the Biology, Chemistry, and Biophysics teams to support their lab-based activities. The Laboratory Manager will demonstrate a desire to learn and take on new tasks as they arise.

Job Responsibilities

  • Support all day-to-day laboratory activities.
  • Ensure all analytical instruments/equipment (eg, flow cytometer, Luminex/plate reader, Tecan liquid dispenser, etc.) are functioning properly and periodically serviced/calibrated; arrange for repair as needed.
  • On call 24/7 for critical laboratory equipment alarms and emergency contact.
  • Ensure all lab equipment (eg, biosafety cabinet, incubators, HVAC, refrigerators, freezers) are functioning properly and periodically serviced/calibrated; arrange for repair as needed.
  • Ensure EH&S compliance in accordance with local and federal law. Inspect that all safety equipment (eg, eyewash/safety showers) are properly maintained, and personal protective equipment (PPE) are made available to lab-based staff and visitors to lab.
  • Ensure lab users have been trained on the correct use of the lab equipment and that all new instruments are appropriately qualified.
  • Coordinate organization and maintenance of lab repositories and inventories (eg, cell line bank, serum, culture reagents, assay kits). Perform or commission testing as appropriate (eg, mycoplasma testing, sterility testing of reagents)
  • Take responsibility for shipping sensitive and critical materials within and outside the country (dry ice, cryogenic, temperature control, shipments of high value, hazardous material shipments)
  • Schedule safety and SOP training for new lab users and retraining for lab users who are in need of refresher training; maintain compliance records reflecting dates of training Ensure overall orderliness and cleanliness of the laboratory
  • Control all hazardous waste streams in compliance with EPA, MWRA standards from cradle to grave and keep adequate records.
  • Order lab consumables and equipment while managing relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • Negotiate costs directly with vendors where appropriate.
  • Run reports and perform cost analysis on high value items and implement strategies to control costs (eg, bulk ordering, discounted contracts).
  • Work with finance to reconcile Purchase Orders from generation to invoice payment.
  • Work directly with AD of Laboratory Operations to proactively identify bottlenecks or potential issues and propose solutions.
  • Train and develop Jr. Lab. Ops. professionals as needed

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • MS/BS with 2+ years of related experience.
  • Extensive and thorough knowledge of laboratory best practices and safety regulations.
  • Experience in Biotech a must; start-up experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in client management and execution of complex laboratory initiatives.
  • Team player who collaborates and communicates effectively in team environment.
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Maintain certified trainings for waste manifest shipping (DOT, RCRA, IATA)
  • Must be able to lift minimum of 50lbs.
  • Must have some mechanical/equipment knowledge and abilities.

Certifications that are preferred but not absolutely necessary as we will train the right person:

  • MWRA Wastewater Operator License (MA Specific)
  • DOT Certification (MA Specific)
  • RCRA Certification (MA Specific)
  • HAZWOPER Certification (MA Specific)