Principal Investigator Translational Proteomics

Location: Roivant Discovery 451 D Street, Boston, MA 02210 USA

At Roivant, we are passionate about discovering and developing new drugs to impact patients' lives. Since its inception in 2014, Roivant has launched over 20 portfolio companies (Vants), overseen 5 successful IPOs, established a $3B partnership with a global pharma, built a pipeline of over 40 assets across various modalities and therapeutic areas, and delivered 8 successful phase 3 readouts. Roivant is currently building new capabilities in drug discovery and expanding its existing development engine to become the world's leading tech-enabled pharmaceutical company.

Roivant's drug discovery capabilities are driven by our computational discovery platform, which combines preeminent physics-based tools with deep expertise in machine learning to generate unprecedented predictive power that can tackle previously intractable discovery challenges. The tight integration of this computational platform with our experimental capabilities enables the rapid design and optimization of new drugs to address a wide range of targets for diseases with high unmet need.

We believe that the future of drug discovery lies in integrating predictive and experimental sciences, to accelerate the path to new medicines. This role is an opportunity to be an architect of this paradigm shift and generate transformative benefit for patients.

Job Responsibilities:

The ideal candidate will develop and deploy quantitative discovery and structural proteomics workflows to interrogate the expanding druggable proteome. They will be a key contributor to the identification and characterization of novel protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions in therapeutically significant biological samples using state-of-the-art methods.  S/he will establish collaborations and work very closely with other Roivant scientists to identify, characterize, and enable the prosecution of novel targets and their modulators, interrogate genotype-proteotype translational correlations, and characterize the mechanism of action, target engagement and biomarker of therapeutic agents.  


  • Ph.D. or equivalent with 6+ years of experience in quantitative high-resolution mass spectrometry discovery and structural proteomics.
  • Expertise and proven track record in implementation and optimization of diverse discovery and structural proteomics workflows using state-of-the-art LC-MS instrumentation.
  • Hands-on experience with chemo-proteomics and biochemistry sample preparation and manipulation, including: (i) affinity-based enrichment methods with low and high molecular weight baits, and activity-based proteome profiling to study proteome perturbations, PPIs, and PTMs; and (ii) chemical labeling of proteins (HDX, FPOP, SPROX and others) to study their structures, interactions, conformations and folding.
  • Well-versed in proteomics data formatting, analysis and interpretation of complex datasets generated with diverse LC-MS workflows.
  • Creative and independent critical thinker with demonstrated ability to solve complex technical and scientific problems. Capable of integrating information generated from multiple sources to shape and strengthen experimental design and research hypotheses. Highly self-motivated, proactive, with unrivaled sense of urgency and capable of motivating others, with excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Experienced mentor in a matrix organization, able to work independently yet team oriented. Capable of building strong relationships with peers, customers, and partners/collaborators. Experience managing external collaborations with CROs is highly desired.