Drug Discovery

The breadth of our fully integrated, rational approach to drug discovery and our ability to selectively generate powerful target product profiles (TPP) differentiates the Roivant Discovery process throughout our therapeutic pipeline in heterobifunctionals, covalency and best-in-class small molecules.

Our QUAISAR (QUantum, AI, and Structure-Activity Relationships) platform enables us to gain critical project insights and engineer drug candidates by combining computational physics and artificial intelligence with expertise in disease biology, chemistry, biophysics, proteomics, and translational informatics.


We have built an end-to-end platform for heterobifunctional degrader discovery which we are expanding to other chemically-induced proximity applications.


We have built a proprietary suite of proteome-wide datasets, assays and compound collections to systematically prosecute targets via covalency.

Best-in-Class Small Molecules

Our computation-first approach is used to design molecules that rapidly reach the desired TPP for disease areas where effective therapeutic solutions are lacking.