Past Events

  • Discovery on Target: Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 18th Annual Target Identification and Validation, Proteomics-Based Target Discovery

    Boston, MA and Virtual
    Atomic-Resolution Prediction of Degrader-mediated Ternary Complex Structures by Combining Molecular Simulations with HDX-MS Jesus Izaguirre, PhD, Senior Director Advanced Simulations, Roivant Sciences Inc.
  • Roivant R&D Day 2021

    View a video of the event
  • New Frontiers of Drug Discovery — From Machine Learning to Physics

    Free Live Webinar
    Woody Sherman, Ph.D., chief computational scientist
  • STING-& TLR-Targeting Therapies Summit Digital

    Design & Development of a Systemic, Small Molecule STING Agonist: Tailoring Drug Properties and Dosing Paradigm to Optimize Therapeutic Index for the Treatment of Cancer Patients Christopher Winter, Ph.D., chief of research & development
  • Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 16th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry: Optimizing Small Molecules for Tomorrow’s Therapeutics Including COVID

    From Physics to Clinic: Design of a Novel Small Molecule STING Agonist (SNX281) with Excellent Drug Properties and Systemic Delivery Woody Sherman, Ph.D., chief scientific officer
  • Precision In Drug Discovery & Preclinical Virtual Summit (West Coast)

    Woody Sherman, Ph.D., chief scientific officer
  • LifeSci Cloud Chat Q1’21

    Vipin Sachdeva, Ph.D., director, head of high-performance computing
  • Precision in Drug Discovery & Preclinical Virtual Summit East