Multidisciplinary Team

The Roivant Discovery multidisciplinary team of experts includes software engineers, parallel computing experts, quantum physicists, chemists, biologists and clinicians. We fuse the expertise and insights of our teams to eliminate barriers and improve communication.

The Space Between

At Roivant Discovery, we look for individuals with broad and extensive expertise and a rare ability to make conceptual leaps across scientific disciplines.

Integration, Collaboration, and Iteration

The exchange of ideas among our multi-disciplinary team is critical to the success of Roivant Discovery—as is the flow of information from idea to computation to experiment—and back. As part of our unique capabilities, we integrate biophysical data derived from in-house laboratory assays with molecular simulations. In this information-rich environment, we can track each atom of a molecule at each step along its development.

This “space between,” where we fuse the energies of our multi-disciplinary teams, enables us to run calculations more efficiently and accurately. We connect biology with simulation as part of our conformational genetics approach to select disease targets with compelling human disease-driving genetic data; we link chemistry with simulation to explore the vast chemical space and optimize drug properties; and we connect design with computation to provide a richer understanding of the free energy system and make more informed decisions about potential drug candidates.